Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lauren, I’m a 26 year old budding IT professional.  Outside of cooking, I enjoy snowboarding, disc golf, Magic: The Gathering, video games, and other nerdy things.

I began my weight loss journey in March of 2016 and meal prep has been a huge help, it really works for me. Through Reddit, I discovered r/MealPrepSunday, r/fitmeals, r/EatCheapAndHealthy, and r/1200isplenty.  When I saw so many posts from people like me, it really inspired me to take meal prep to the next level.  I began putting as much creativity and nutrition knowledge I could in to making interesting weekly meal plans.  When I started getting very positive feedback from friends and family, I decided to share my journey and thus this blog was born.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight before has probably shed a single (or multiple) tears at the thought of giving up yummy food in order to meet their goals.  Hopefully my blog will inspire some creativity for your meal plans and give hope to those who think that salads are the only answer.


Thanks for reading!