9-18-2016 – Chicken Salad and Oatmeal

I’m going to quickly post todays meal prep since I’m a little behind on school work and trying to play catch up.
Made good use of the Recipe feature on MyFitnessPal for this week.

On the menu this week…

Oatmeal with Peaches and Raspberries in Honey

Oatmeal recipe:
Old Fashion Oats (200g, 750 cals)
Greek Non-Fat Plain Yogurt (225g, 120 cals)
Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (1 cup, 30 cals)

Topping recipe:
Raspberries (6oz, 72 cals)
Peaches (243g, 171 cals)
Honey (3 tbsp, 193 cals)
Total Calories: 267 cals per serving
Protein: 9.9
Carbs: 47.9
Fat: 3.2

Post Prep thoughts:
I love the peach and raspberry flavor combo. It’s pretty sweet but still refreshing.




Chicken Salad with Grapes and Almonds
Homemade Tortilla Chips

Chicken Salad recipe:
Chicken Breast (35oz, 1050 cals)
Light Mayo (4oz, 265 cals)
Celery (100g, 16 cals)
Grapes (175g, 117 cals)
Almonds (50g, 300 cals)

Veggie tortillas

Total Calories: 510
Protein: 48.2
Carbs: 39.9
Fat: 14.6

Post Prep thoughts:
The tortilla chips were a bit of a fail.  Had the bottom rack a little too close to the bottom…


Final Thoughts:

After this week, Tim and I begin an 8 Week Transformation contest that is being hosted on Bodybuilding.com (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/2016-Fit-Squad.html)
The rules are pretty basic- we have 8 weeks to “transform” as much as possible.  Obviously my main goal is to slim down and Tim’s is to put on some muscle.  The grand prize is $40k for the best transformation!
I’ve spent a couple weeks fine tuning my 8 week diet plan.  Basically I’ll be eating a high protein and fat diet with pretty low carbs. My diet is going to be pretty boring, but just going to try to stay focused and really push myself on the weights.


9-11-2016 – Frittata & Honey Chipotle Tacos

On the menu this week…

Bacon, Corn, Onion, Jalapeno Frittata

Egg (3, 214 cals)
Egg Whites (4, 69 cals)
Milk, 2% (1 ¼ cup, 153 cals)
Bacon (5 strips, 117 cals)
Corn ( 1 ¼ cup, 188 cals)
Red Onion (100g, 42 cals)
Jalapeno (27g, 8 cals)
Worcestershire (1 tsp, 5 cals)

Total Calories: 397 (two servings of 199 each)
Protein: 29.2
Carbs: 34.4
Fat: 15.4

Post Prep thoughts:
To make a frittata you’re supposed to cook it a bit in a skillet then put it in the oven to finish it off.  I am lazy so I baked the entire thing.  I cooked down the jalapeno and red onion together, then added the corn and cooked that a bit.  The bacon I completely cooked ahead of time and added right before popping everything in the oven.

The full recipe is posted at the bottom.


Mini Honey Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Mini Soft Tortilla Taco Boat (3, 120 cals)
Shredded Lettuce (1/4 cup, 6 cals)
Avocado (35g, 58 cals)
Fat Free Sour Cream (32g, 30 cals)
Fat Free Cheddar (30g, 48 cals)
Lime wedge

Recipe: Honey Chipotle Chicken Marinade
Chicken (27.5 oz, 620 cals)
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce (100g, 67 cals)
Adobo Sauce (from the canned peppers) (4 tbsp, 40 cals)
Honey (4 tbsp, 255 cals)
Garlic Powder (1 tsp)
Chili Powder (1 tsp)

Total Calories: 458
Protein: 43.6
Carbs: 46.8
Fat: 11.6

Post Prep thoughts:
Surprise! I’m having some form of tortilla this week.  I bought the wrong ones unfortunately, I didn’t want the mini ones, I wanted the regular sized boat shaped ones to make just 2 tacos.  The mini ones are pretty cute and I think they will work out fine.  I also didn’t buy enough so there is one I made burrito bowl style.
I really wanted shredded red cabbage with this instead of shredded lettuce but Giant and Whole Foods didn’t have any. Shredding my own would have been way too much left over.
The marinade is super simple and tastes great.  I’ll post the link at the bottom of today’s entry if I can find it again.  I doubled the recipe and left out the olive oil it called for, it really doesn’t seem like it needs it and you’ll save some calories.  I let it marinade for about an hour.

The other week I tried keeping guacamole fresh by adding water to the top of the container. It worked okay but it was too much work (again, I’m lazy) to scrape the watery and brown layer off the top each time I wanted guac.  This week I’m adding avocado slices to the tacos and I read that keeping the avocado in a container with a sliced onion will keep it from going brown.  We’ll see.


Final thoughts:
Vacation was a good time.  Is it sad that I am already wondering when my next will be?  This week’s meal prep is very Tex Mex- it seems like Mexican food just has great flavors with fresh ingredients that can really keep your calories down without sacrificing too much flavor.


Bonus pics!