8.7.16 – Spicy Scrambled Eggs & Steak Burritos

I’m sure I’ll be messing with the format of the blog as time goes on but for now I’ll post the weights and calories next to each ingredient.  I weigh everything primarily in grams and ounces, I put my meals in MyFitnessPal so that makes it easier.  At the end of each meal I’ll post the total calories, macros (protein, carb, and fat count) and a picture.  Last thing I want to mention is I use the Recipe feature on MyFitnessPal so much.  I’ll be using it for the veggie and ricotta combo for lunch.

The menu for this week…

Spicy scrambled eggs with bacon, cheddar, and guacamole

Scrambled egg whites (4, 69 cals)
Fat free cheddar cheese (28g, 45 cals)
Turkey bacon (2 slices, 30g, 70 cals)
Guacamole (30g, 40 cals)

Total Calories: 229
Protein: 32.4
Carbs: 6
Fat: 6.2


Sriracha Eggs Turkey Bacon


Post prep thought:
I read one way to keep guac from getting brown is to put a thin layer of water over top of it while it’s in the container, then drain when you are ready to eat it.  This keeps the oxygen out.  We’ll see what happens.
There isn’t too much of a difference between regular bacon and turkey bacon, I just find that it’s easier to save some calories when choosing turkey bacon and also I find that it reheats much better.  If you don’t render every piece of fat on regular bacon, it just turns to rubber when reheated.


Steak burritos with veggies and ricotta, and a side salad

Tortilla (1, 80 cals)
Top Round Bracciole-thin sliced (2oz, 95 cals)

Sautéed Mushrooms (99g, 25 cals)
Sautéed Red Onions (90g, 51 cals)
Sautéed Green Peppers (118g, 24 cals)
Part Skim Ricotta Cheese (3oz, 150 cals)

Baby kale and greens (1oz, 7cals)
Fat Free Cranberry Balsamic (2tbsp, 35cals)

Total Calories: 266
Protein: 16.4
Carbs: 14
Fat: 6.5


Steak Burrito


Post prep thoughts:
I originally planned to have 3oz of steak in the burrito but didn’t buy quite enough.  The amount of veggies came out pretty perfectly.  Like I mentioned previously, the Recipe feature of MyFitnessPal is great- it allows you to make something in bulk then get a portion size.  One thing that is important to realize about cutting calories and losing weight is it’s not entirely about the amount of calories you eat each day, but how long you stay in a deficit.  So, I may have slightly more veggies on one burrito than another, but overall in a 5-day span I’ll be consuming the same total amount of calories.
Fat free dressing usually does have more sugar to make up for the lack of fat, I didn’t feel like making my own dressing this week or I could have gotten my carb count down.  Still, not so bad.


Final thoughts:

I think this week went pretty well. Missing out on an oz. of steak gave me a little more calories left over for the day that I would have liked.  I like to save 400 calories for dinner.  Looking around the kitchen, I had some vanilla Greek yogurt and granola left over so I threw together some containers of that as an extra snack.  I usually don’t add granola in with the yogurt but I was all out of tiny containers and didn’t want to waste a sandwich bag.  I’ll just deal with the soggyness.
Besides dinner, the other thing I have during the day is a protein shake in the morning.  I’ve been working out from 5am to 6am.  I’ll take 2 capsules of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) and work out while fasted (no food) and when I get home I’ll have a scoop of Trutein protein powder (chocolate peanut butter flavor, sooo good) and 8oz of unsweetened chocolate almond milk.

Bonus pics!


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